Tsinghua/ Rice (MS, PhD)/ U of Minnesota (EMBA)



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Investment interests: Materials science; Data storage; Deep tech; AI/ML; Medical devices; Life science; Medtech digital surgery & surgical robotics

Born and raised in Changsha, in Hunan Province, China (at the foot of Yuelu Mountain). Attended Tsinghua University at the age of 16 and joined the Tsinghua Mountaineering Team as its youngest member for the 1991 exploration to Tibet's Mt. GeLaDanDong (the source of the Yangtze River).

Accomplishments: I enjoy community volunteerism, having founded and served for various non-profit organizations. I have co-authored a book titled “Stone of Hope” documenting the story of the Chinese sculptor Yixin Lei who authored the Martin Luther King National Memorial sculptures “Mountain of Despair” and “Stone of Hope."

For fun: Gardening, tennis, skiing, visting museums, and classical music

Favorite book: Lust for Life

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