Tsinghua/ U of Connecticut (PhD)



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Investment interests: Enterprise software; AI applications; Data and analytics

Born and raised in: Nanjing (Eastern China). Educated at Tsinghua University (Automation) and the University of Connecticut (EE PhD)

I grew up in the rural countryside of China and was lucky to attend Tsinghua University in Beijing where I developed my early roots of a career related to technology.

With $50 in my pocket, a borrowed one-way ticket, and student debt, I came to the States in 1996 to pursue my Ph.D. study, and stayed afterwards. I've thoroughly enjoyed being a technologist, startup founder, investor, and most importantly, a husband, and a dad of two amazing daughters.

I am forever grateful to my first employer during my early career to fund my continuing study at Stanford while I was working full time: I was able to deepen my knowledge as an optimization specialist and train to be a decent software engineer.

1, the experience helped form one of my core investment interests-- cross-disciplinary ventures;

2, it also prompted me to look for one of the important traits in startup founders: a commitment to lifelong learning

Product-market fit, or lack thereof, determines the life or death of a venture. Startups are supposed to create demand or meet an existing demand, but not to create a supply without demand.

I believe a good life is one with serendipities and progression. For a founder, a good startup life is to be able to scale product, team, culture, and impact.

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