Tsinghua (MS)/ UVA (PhD)



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Investment interests: Therapeutics; Diagnostics; Life science tools & services

I grew up in multiple cities in China. Luckily, I survived two accidents during childhood. In elementary school, I was standing near the edge of a cliff and wasn’t paying attention and got knocked off the edge by some kids fooling around. I was caught by a tree growing out right below the edge! Another time, I found white mushrooms in the woods that looked like the ones I had seen in the market. I picked a bunch and brought them home, and my mom thought that they were from the market, and cooked and served them. I ate a bunch, not knowing that they were toxic, and got really sick but managed to recover.

For fun: Golf and watching Golden State Warriors’ games

Favorite genre of movie: Sci-Fi

Fun fact: I have been to 35 states so far

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